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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Third Grade Ancient Greece

Our third graders are learning about Ancient Greece, and I thought it would be really neat to teach them about Greek Mythology during their visits to the library. First, we learned about Myths and I created a flip chart that taught the main elements that most Myths have. Then, we watched a short video about Pandora’s Box, and the students discussed the literary elements in the Myth. Finally, each student took a personality quiz on the computer that told them which Greek Mythological creature they were most like and why! They loved this! All citations for images are listed on each slide.

October- Beginning of Reference Sources Unit

How does one make a ten year old interested in learning about Reference Sources?? Mummies, Candy Corn, Witches, and Competition! That’s how!
I have spent several days trying to perfect my reference source lesson because there are so many things to teach in such a short amount of time. The entire unit is holiday themed, beginning with Halloween. October is a busy month at our school and we paused this unit to celebrate Virginia Read Aloud week, but this week we are completing the dictionary skills section of this unit. Take a look at some of the images from my flipchart (adapted from a flipchart created by Kris Cable at Back Creek Elementary, promethean planet 2006):  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiles in the Library

I hope you enjoy as you read about and discover new ideas for your library! Life at school is always an adventure, so I have created this blog in hopes of documenting some of our fun times together. The students always bring us smiles, so I want to share some of that with you!